January 17, 2007



We are approaching the next Western Disease Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon during the week of January 7th, 2008.  As the co-coordinator for the Western Field/Vegetable Crops Disease Conference on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008, I extend an invitation to you to attend this informative meeting that provides an opportunity to interact with people working on vegetable pathology research, extension, and industry in the western United States.  This year we are including organic production (challenges and successes) and specialty crops production.  The informal approach of these meetings encourages brief presentations with interactive and lively discourse.  Presentation topics include diagnostic reports (e.g., new problems, annual reports, diseases difficult to diagnose), research trials, new developments in crop pathology, chemical registrations/efficacy trials, biological control associated with organic production, extension activities and resources (bring copies of new crop bulletins, website addresses, and other resources), etc.  I will be providing a laptop computer and computer projector available for use.  If you need a slide projector or any other equipment, please let me know so I can make arrangements.


You may already have received information about the 2008 Western Disease Conference through announcements for other commodity groups/pests.  Dates for individual meetings are listed below.  Additional information will be sent out over the next month as details are received from interested speakers and participants.


Schedule of 2008 Western Disease & Pest Conferences

Hilton Hotel, Portland, OR




Contact Information

Field Crop Diseases


8 Jan. (a.m.)

Tamla Blunt


(970) 491-6950





Vegetable Diseases


8 Jan. (p.m.)

Jenny Glass


(253) 445-4582





Ornamental & Turf Diseases


9 Jan.

Robin Rosetta






Tree Fruit Diseases


10 Jan.

Chang-Lin Xiao


(509 ) 663-8181 ext. 229





Western Orchard Pest & Disease Mgmt. Conference


9-11 Jan.

Don Thomson


(206) 444-5770





Insect Management Conference


7-8 Jan.

Dave Bragg



Please complete the attached form and return to me either by mail, email or fax, with a seminar title and approximate time needed if you plan to present information.  Industry, research, and extension topics are welcome.  Please note on the form if you would like to present in the morning Field Crops section or the afternoon Vegetable Crops section.


As with the 2007 meeting, the 2008 meeting will be held in conjunction with the entomology meetings and the WOPDMC meetings at the Hilton Hotel in Portland.  In order to use a conference room at the Hilton Hotel at “reduced cost”, we had to sign a contract with the Hilton under the ‘umbrella’ organization of the Western Orchard Pest & Disease Management Conference (WPD is the reservation code), to occupy a minimum number of hotel rooms.  If possible, please support this contract so we do not have to pay the substantial fee for use of conference rooms.  Hotel reservations should be made by December 15th to get the reduced rate, 105 $ /single or 125 $/double, plus 11.5 % city tax.  The Hilton is located near several good restaurants and other attractions in downtown Portland.  When reserving a hotel room, use the code ‘WPD’ to get the WOPDMC discount. The Hilton phone number is 503-226-1611.  The fax number is 503-220-2293.  The hotel is located at 921 SW Sixth Avenue in Portland, Oregon.


Please forward this notice to anyone involved in field crops pathology, organic production and specialty crops in the western United States whom you know may not be aware of the Western Vegetable Disease Conference.






Tamla Blunt                                                                            Jenny Glass  

Plant Diagnostic Clinic Diagnostician                                Diagnostician

Colorado State University                                                    WSU Puyallup

E215 Plant Science Bldg.                                                    7612 Pioneer Way East

Fort Collins, CO  80523-1177                                             Puyallup, WA  98371-4998

(970) 491-6950 Office                                                          (253) 445-4582 Office

(970) 491-3862 Fax                                                             (253) 445-4569 Fax

tamblunt@lamar.colostate.edu                                            jennyglass@wsu.edu

http://plantclinic.agsci.colostate.edu/                      http://www.puyallup.wsu.edu/plantclinic




Attachment:      Registration form for the Western Field Crops Disease, Organic Production and Specialty Crops Conference; Tuesday, 8th January 2008; Hilton Hotel, Portland, OR.

WESTERN DISEASE CONFERENCE, 8-10 January 2008, Portland, OR

Registration for the Western Field and Vegetable Crops Disease, Organic Production and Specialty Crops Meeting

Tuesday, 8 January 2008, HILTON Hotel,  Portland, OR

Please complete and return by 15 December 2007


NAME:                                                                                                 PHONE:                                 


ADDRESS:                                                                                         FAX:                                       







I plan on attending the Field/Vegetable Crops Disease Conference: YES                            NO                  


Please keep my name on the mailing list:                              YES                             NO                  


Please add the following names/emails to the mailing list:                                                               





I would like to make a presentation titled:                                                                                          




The presentation will take about                      minutes.


I will need (check the appropriate space):

Slide projector                  Overhead projector                LCD projector                Laptop                 


Other suggested topics for presentation/discussion:                                                                       










                        Please respond to:         Tamla Blunt

                                                            Colorado State University

                                                            E215 Plant Sciences Bldg.

                                                            Fort Collins, CO  80523-1177

                                                            Fax:  970-491-3862

                                                            Email:  tamblunt@lamar.colostate.edu