Dry Bean Breeding Project



  The Dry Bean Breeding project of Colorado State University in Fort Collins focuses on developing bean cultivars suited for the Great Plains. Varieties are bred for superior nutrition, disease resistance, increased yield, improved performance and better market value. Often other bean related research is conducted, this includes flowering time, plant architecture, seed quality, and support of the USDA's Common Bean Core Collection. The project is lead by Dr. Mark Brick and Barry Ogg. College and high school students are also offered an internship opprotunity through an alliance with the Common Bean Coordinated Agriculutre Project (Bean CAP). Please contact Dr. Brick if you are interested in an internship.

  Our Bean lab also works in collaboration with Bean CAP and the Cancer Prevention Lab of CSU in analysing the phenolic variation in market class dry beans as well as researching the functions of insoluble and soluble bean fiber in the gut, specifically the effects on colon cancer.

  Please see our "Research" page to learn more about the research and variety development we conduct and our "Resources" page for helpful links and more information on bean breeding in the United States.