Landscape Plants

J.E. Klett


The following publications represent the best sources of information on the woody ornamental plants.  Those marked with an asterisk are especially worthwhile.


RESERVED   The following book is on reserve in the Morgan Library Reserve Room:


*          Manual of Woody Landscape Plants by Dirr (Stipes, 5th edition) textbook.  Stipes Publishing.


Some of the following books (ones with *) are in my office for reference use:


*          Trees for American Gardens by D. Wyman.  MacMillan.


*          Shrubs and Vines for American Gardens by D. Wyman.  MacMillan.


*          Dwarf Shrubs by D. Wyman.  MacMillan.


*          Hillier's Manual of Trees and Shrubs by H.G. Hillier.


*          Index of Garden Plants by Mark Griffiths and Royal Horticultural Society.  Timber Press.



*          Hortus III by the staff of L.H. Bailey Hortorum ($135.00).


*          Manual of Cultivated Conifers by P. den Ouden and B. Boom M. Nijhoff.


*          Photographic Manual of Woody Landscape Plants by Dirr (Stipes).  Follows textbook format.  Paperback - $18.40, hardback - $26.00.


Woody Plants of the North Central Plains by H.A. Stephens.  University Press of Kansas.


Trees, Shrubs and Vines by Arthur Viertel.  Syracuse University Press.


            Landscape Plants for Eastern North America by Harrison L. Flint.  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


            Knowing Your Trees by G.H. Collingwood.  American Forestry Society.


*          Shrubs for the Rocky Mountains by George W. Kelly.  Rocky Mt. Hort. Pub. Co., Cortez, CO.


*          Trees for the Rocky Mountains by George W. Kelly.  Rocky Mt. Hort. Pub. Co., Cortez, CO.


*          Ground Covers for the Rocky Mountains by G. W. Kelly.  Rocky Mt. Hort. Pub. Co., Cortez, CO.


*          Trees and Shrubs for Northern Gardens by Leon Snyder.  University of Minnesota Press.


*          Rocky Mountain Plant Guide ‑ Colorado Nursery Association.  2001 ($4.95).  (New edition being worked on now).


            Ground Covers for the Midwest by T.B. Voight, B.R. Hamilton & F.A. Giles.  1983.  University of Illinois Press.  ($8.50).


            Manual of Cultivated Trees and Shrubs by Alfred Rehder. MacMillan.


            Shrub Identification Book by George W. Symonds.  M. Barrows & Company, New York.


Tree Identification Book by George W. Symonds.  M. Barrows & Company, New York.


Landscaping for Water Conservation: Xeriscape.  City of Aurora, Colorado.  ($5.79).


Recommended Urban Trees, Urban Horticulture Institute.  Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.


*          Handbook of Landscape Tree Cultivars by Willet N. Wandell.  1995.  East Prairie Publishing Company, Gladstone, Illinois.


National Arboretum - Book of Outstanding Garden Plants by Jacqueline Heriteau.  1990.  Stonesong Press.  ($39.95).


Street Tree Factsheets - Pennsylvania State University, College of Agriculture.  ($17.50).


*          Woody Landscape Plants for the High Plains - Diane Fairchild and J. E. Klett.  1993.  Technical Bulletin LTB 93-1.  Available from Bulletin Room, 171 Aylesworth Hall, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO  80523 for $10.50.


Nature's Heartland (Native Plant Communities of the Great Plains).  1993.  Bill Boon & Harlen Groc.  1993.  Iowa State University Press.


*          Flowering Crabapples - Fr. John L. Fiala,  1994.  Timber Press.  $49.95.


Plant Patent Directory.  American Association of Nurserymen.  1994.


Dictionary of Plant Names.  Allen J. Coombes.  1994.  Timber Press.  $10.95.


Roses for the North, 1995.  Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Report 237-1995.  ($11.95)


Plants in the Landscape, Philip Carpenter and Theodore D. Walker.  1998.  Waveland Press, Inc.  2nd Edition.


Water Wise Landscaping with Trees and Shrubs,  1999.  Jim Knopf, Chamasa Books.  1st Edition.


Xeriscape Handbook, A How-To Guide to Natural, Resource-Wise Gardening.  Gayle Weinstein.  1999.  Fulcrum Publishing.  ($24.95)


Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia.  1997.  Timber Press.  $69.95.


Index of Garden Plants: The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary.  1994.  Timber Press.  $59.95.