H 321

Nursery Production and Management

Spring 2008

Tentative Lab Schedule - Revised


Lab #1 January 25 - No lab - Attend ProGreen Conference and Trade Show at Colorado Convention Center in Denver.


Lab #2 February 1 - Nursery information and woody plant propagation (report required - 50 points). Report due February 15, 2008. Also, discussion of labs for semester.


Lab #3 February 8 - Field Trip #1 - Seedling and transplant operation, Colorado State Forest Nursery, Mr. Randy Moench, phone 491-8429. Classes will meet at nursery. Vans provided. Field trip report required - due February 15, 2008


Lab #4 February 15 - Nursery type, distribution in country and nursery catalog writing (report required - 100 points). Report due February 29, 2008.


Lab #5 February 20 - Media preparation, aeration porosity determinations, etc.


Lab #6 February 29 - Field Trip #2 - Bath Nursery and Garden Center, Mr. Kevin Laman and Phil Phelan, 2000 East Prospect Rd., Fort Collins, CO, phone 484-5022. Classes will meet at the Nursery. Vans provided. Field trip required - due March 7, 2008.


Lab #7 March 7 - Field Trip #3 - Fort Collins Nursery, Mr. Gary Epstein, phone 484-1289. We will visit production nursery on North Shields St. in Fort Collins. Classes will meet at the nursery. Vans provided. Field trip report required - due March 14, 2007.


Lab #8 March 14 Work on semester project and updates required on semester project.


Week of March 17-21 - SPRING BREAK

Lab #9 March 28 - Class will meet with Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association representatives for a roundtable discussion in a combined lab (12-2:00 p.m.).


Lab #10 April 4 - Ball and burlapping and digging procedures and pruning of nursery stock (wear old clothes). Class will probably do this at Just Trees East Prospect.


Lab #11 April 11 - Field Trip #4. Local field trip to Fossil Creek Nursery, 7029 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO, phone 226-4924. Class will meet at the nursery. Vans provided. Field trip report required - due April 18, 2008.


Lab #12 April 18 - All-day field trip to Longmont, Denver and Brighton. Bus will leave at 7:00 a.m. and return about 5-5:30 p.m. Field trip report required - due April 25, 2008.

Lab #13 April 25 - Explanation of grading and standards of bare-root nursery stock. We will meet at W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center, 630 W. Lake St. on campus. Also, preliminary report on semester project report due.



Lab #14 May 2 - Pruning and planting of bare-root nursery stock. Lab will be held at W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center. Possibly field trip to local pot-in-pot container producer


Lab #15 May 9 - Presentation of special projects by student groups.




1. Labs 3, 6, 7, 11 and 12 require a nursery evaluation form to be completed for each nursery. Evaluation sheets must be completed by the next lab time. Field trip will be discussed in lecture immediately following trip.


2. Lab on April 18 will be an all-day field trip. Arrangements should be made with other classes or with work schedules, as this field trip is required or extra assignment will be given.


3. Be appreciative of your field trip host. Ask pertinent questions but don't be talking to each other during the tours. Move quickly with the group, as cooperation and awareness is essential in large group tours. Do not put your feet on greenhouse benches. Be conscious and observant of objects and actions throughout the tour. Exam questions may occur from field trips.


4. Students are reminded to cooperate with instructors and greenhouse staff to keep the workroom clean at all times. Students are requested to help clean up work areas and put tools and equipment away after each class.


5. Four local field trips will meet at designated nurseries during regular lab time. There will be only one all-day field trip for the semester, on Friday, April 18, 2008.











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