Stephen R. Koontz ANEQ 476 Material

ANEQ 478 students: The USDA NASS Cattle on Feed report from Friday 3/23 is posted and the Daily Livestock Report discussing this report came out Monday 3/26 and is also posted. Please read the DLR, go find the relevant numbers in the report, and then read some of the other resources.

Market Outlook & Economics Materials Outlook & Strategies Meeting Sterling CO 2018-02
Outlook Handout.pdf
Market Outlook & Economics Materials CLA Marshall Frasier Beef Symposium Hugo CO 2018-02
Outlook Handout.pdf

USDA Reports
Cattle On Feed Report - CattOnFe-02-23-2018.pdf CattOnFe-203-23-2018.pdf (new)
Livestock Slaughter - LiveSlau-02-22-2018.pdf
Cattle Report - Catt-01-31-2018.pdf
World Agricultural Supply & Demand Estimates - wasde-03-08-2018.pdf

Outlook & Newsletters
USDA Agricultural Projections to 2027 Long-Term Outlook.pdf
USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum Livestock & Poultry Outlook - Livestock_Poultry_Outlook.pdf
USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum Grains & Oilseeds Outlook - Grains_and_Oilseeds_Outlook.pdf
USDA ERS - Livestock Dairy & Poultry Outlook - LDP-M-03-14-2018.pdf
USDA ERS - Feed Outlook - FDS-03-12-2018.pdf
Cattle Fax Update Update 2018-03-16.pdf
Daily Livestock Report - dlr 03-21-18.pdf
Daily Livestock Report - dlr 03-22-18.pdf
Daily Livestock Report - dlr 03-26-18.pdf (new)

Supply & Demand Information & Forecasts
Cattle & Beef - TB1111.pdf

Risk Management Decision Making Materials 2018-03
Hedging with Futures and Options in One Lecture.pdf

Basis Resource Materials
Basis Information - Fed & Feeder Cattle & Corn Basis Tables.pdf

Futures & Options Hedge Worksheets & Examples
Examples Futures & Options Hedges 2018-03.xlsx
Illustrations Book1 2018-03.xlsx

Futures and Options Data

Technical Analysis
Technical Tools Handout
Purcell & Koontz Bar Chart Chapter (Chapter 4)
Purcell & Koontz Alternatives to Bar Charts Chapter (Chapter 5)