Stephen R. Koontz – ANEQ 476 Material

ANEQ 476 students: These are the resources that I’ll use in guest lecture.  And I’ll update if you ask questions.

(The outlook talks are background information and will not be covered.  If you’re interested.)
Market Outlook Materials – Webinar with COINS Meeting Virginia Tech Blacksburg VA – 2021-03-12
Outlook Handout.pdf 

USDA Reports
Cattle On Feed Report - CattOnFe-02-19-2021.pdf
Livestock Slaughter - LiveSlau-02-25-2021.pdf
Cattle Report - Catt-01-29-2021.pdf
World Agricultural Supply & Demand Estimates - wasde-02-09-2021.pdf

Outlook & Newsletters
USDA Agricultural Projections to 2030 – Long-Term Outlook.pdf
USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum – Livestock & Poultry Outlook - Livestock_Poultry_Outlook.pdf
USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum – Grains & Oilseeds Outlook - Grains_and_Oilseeds_Outlook.pdf
USDA ERS - Livestock Dairy & Poultry Outlook - LDP-2021-03.pdf
USDA ERS - Feed Outlook - FDS-2021-03.pdf
Cattle Fax Update – Update 2021-02-26.pdf
Daily Livestock Report - dlr 02-22-2021.pdf

Supply & Demand Information & Forecasts
Cattle & Beef - TB1111.pdf

USDA AMS Market Price Summary Documents with Links
Daily Direct Steer and Heifer Slaughter Cattle Summary
National Weekly Cattle And Beef Summary

(The next four links are the most important.)
Risk Management Decision Making Materials – 2021-03
Hedging with Futures and Options in One Lecture.pdf

Basis Resource Materials
Basis Information - Fed & Feeder Cattle & Corn Basis Tables.pdf

Futures & Options Hedge Worksheets & Examples
Examples Futures & Options Hedges – 2021-03.xlsx
Illustrations Book1 – 2021-03.xlsx

Futures and Options Data

Technical Analysis
Technical Tools Handout
Purcell & Koontz Bar Chart Chapter (Chapter 4)
Purcell & Koontz Alternatives to Bar Charts Chapter (Chapter 5)