Stephen R. Koontz - Options Material

Link to 2012-06 Maxwell Ranch meeting materials.

Link to 2011-08 Fort Worth meeting materials.

Link to 2011-03 Laramie meeting materials.

Materials for meeting...

Basis Resource Materials
Basis Information Fed Feeder Cattle & Corn.pdf Basis data.
Cattle Basis Figures CO & KS.xls Basis graphics.

Futures and Options Data

Futures & Options Hedge Worksheets & Examples
Examples Futures & Options Hedge - 2013-06.xls

Options Examples Worksheet
Examples Options Calculations & Graphs - 2013-06.xls

Technical Analysis

Technical Tools Handout

Purcell & Koontz Bar Chart Chapter

Purcell & Koontz Alternatives to Bar Charts Chapter

2013-06-25 Charts.pdf