Stephen R. Koontz - Options Material

Link to 2015-09 Gunnison meeting materials.

Link to 2013-06 Delta/Montrose meeting materials.

Link to 2012-06 Maxwell Ranch meeting materials.

Link to 2011-08 Fort Worth meeting materials.

Link to 2011-03 Laramie meeting materials.

Materials for CCA Ranching Legacy Meeting in Fort Collins. The meeting was in November but the prices and work are from August.

Basis Resource Materials
Basis Information Fed Feeder Cattle & Corn.pdf Basis data.
Cattle Basis Figures & Graphs.xlsx Basis graphics.

Futures and Options Data

Futures & Options Hedge Worksheets & Examples
Examples Futures & Options Hedge - 2016-11.xlsx

Options Examples Worksheet
Examples Options Calculations & Graphs - 2016-11.xls

Technical Analysis

Technical Tools Handout

Purcell & Koontz Bar Chart Chapter

Purcell & Koontz Alternatives to Bar Charts Chapter

2016-11 Charts.pdf