Koontz Resources on Economics of Thin Markets

Executive Summaries

Objective Measurement of Price Discovery Executive Summary 2016-06-24.pdf

Interview Findings Executive Summary 2015-05-29.pdf

Policy Prescriptions Executive Summary 2015-05-15.pdf


Objective Measures of Price Discovery 2016-06

Interview Findings 2016-06

Policy Prescription Recommendations 2015-02-01

Research Papers & Presentations

Invited Paper Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting Working Paper 2015-06

Interview Discussion Questions

Formula Use, Marketing Alternative and Price Discovery Questionnaire 2015-03
Formula Use, Marketing Alternative and Price Discovery Questionnaire 2013-09

Progress Reports

Price Discovery Progress Report 2014-12-01

Price Discovery Progress Report 2013-11-26

Extension and Other Publications

Alternative Marketing Agreement Volumes.
Alternative Marketing Agreement Prices for Cattle.
Alternative Marketing Agreement Prices for Hogs.

Proposal Requested and Funded By NCBA

2013-01 Price Discovery Research Proposal

Presentation Resources

NCBA Summer Meeting - 2015-07 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
Cattle Fax Centennial CO - 2015-06 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
Producers Livestock Lakefield MN 2015-04 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
Dakota Dunes SD 2015-01 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
Iowa Cattle Industry Convention - 2014-12 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
Canfax Market Forum - 2014-11 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
NCBA Convention Progress Report 2014-02 Price Discovery Project Progress.pdf
NCBA Convention Price Discovery Issues Update 2014-02 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
Iowa Cattle Industry Convention - 2013-12 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
http://echo.colostate.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/cb65f4cb-7f87-4d22-a321-6ed44b4c12fc -- Right click & Open in New Window/Tab
NCBA Summer Conference - 2013-08 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
Colorado Livestock Association Feeder Council Meeting - 2013-05 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
USDA Ag Outlook Forum - 2013-02 Price Discovery Issues.pdf Full Slides
Nebraska Feedlot Roundtables - 2013-02 Price Discovery Issues.pdf
NCBA Summer Conference - 2012-07 Price Discovery Issues.pdf

Work by Other Authors
For a number of years, I have been asked about thinning agricultural markets and below are some current and classic works on the topic.

Historical Work
These are often referred to original agricultural economics research on thin markets.

Some original work on formula pricing - Hayenga Schrader (AJAE 1980).pdf
Some original work on thin markets - Tomek (AJAE 1980).pdf

Agricultural Economics Research
These are a variety of papers on the topic of thin markets.

Recent work on thin egg markets - Peterson (JARE 2005).pdf
Thin markets and price reporting accuracy - Ward Choi (NCCC-134 1998).pdf
Thin markets, contracting, and an experimental market for cattle - sp01ly02.pdf
A taxonomy of thin markets - sp07an01.pdf
There are many agricultural industries with few markets or lessons from poultry, eggs & pork - aer807_9162511A770AA.pdf
A perspective on pricing research - Meyers Sexton Tomek (AJAE 2010).pdf

Business and Economics Research
Market depth is an important topic in business and economics research. Most research on markets assumes there are enough traders and trading to make a market and that is not necessarily true.

Cason Friedman (1996).pdf
Hou Boldgett (Electronic Markets 2010).pdf
Miron Chapter 9.pdf

National Cheese Exchange Research
There is a long standing interest in the few number of traders in cheese markets and the potential to manipulate the market.

wp-115.pdf (Short and readable.)
Mueller Marion Sial (RIO 1997).pdf (Academic.)
All Chapters File.pdf (Full Report 16MB.)